Our Brand Story


Designer Dog Clothing

PAWS CIRCLE exists for the love of pet and fashion. We believe that streetwear and high fashion aren't just for humans. In short, pet streetwear is here.

Being one of the leading online pet clothing store, our passion is to provide exclusive designs, innovative products and unrivalled quality for our furry friends.

We aim to revitalise the pet fashion scene by introducing designer and streetwear influenced apparel to an otherwise mundane market which is often littered with run-of-the-mill products commonly found on the shelves of most retailers.

By leveraging our extensive network of reliable distributors and manufacturers, our mission centers on delivering service experience that you will enjoy and products your pet will love. 

Whether you are looking for a perfect summer dog t-shirt, the most hyped designer dog jacket, the most adorable dog hoodie and sweater, or some runway-inspired dog accessories, we have it all instore.

Join us to have fun and share our passion for great online shopping with the people everywhere! Please let us know if you have any questions with suggestions to help us improve!


 Founder of Paws Circle

~Samantha & Shawn~