How to Find The Right Size for Dog Clothing

1) Simply measure your dog or cat in three areas- the chest, neck and length.

  • Chest- Measure the widest point of the chest and measure it all the way around.
  • Length- Measure the length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
  • Neck- Measure around the neck, specifically important for dog collars.

*Always prioritize the chest measurement when selecting a size as this area determines whether if a dog coat fits

*Tip: do not measure too tight and always allow a little growing space for your dog to save some money in the pocket too.

How to measure your dog for clothing

2) Refer to the size chart provided on each product pages or you may easily input the measurements into the Size Recommender provided.

You will only have to input the measurements once in any product page, and you will get the recommended sizes for every other products. 

*Please note that the recommender is for reference purpose only, we strongly encourage you to review the sizes based on the chest measurement

Tips to get best fitting dog coat

3) You are now ready to dress your dog with the best looking designer and streetwear pet clothing!

Ways to measure dog for clothing

We highly recommend you measure the individual dog where possible to get the best fit. However the following chart shows average breed measurements which may be used as a guide when measurement is not possible.

Dog chest measurements list