How To Do Dog Laundry: Cleaning Tips For Pet Clothing

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We get it. Pretty much everyone has a pup who rolls over every time he/she gets excited. Bonus points if they do so while taking their regular walk at the park. Sure, that's a pretty adorable scene that is definitely worth a post on their petfluencer account.  However, during this playful day, your black t-shirt looks suspiciously a lot like mohair. Even their own cute dog clothing reflects the amount of fun they had - mud and dust included. Yes, keeping yourself, your pet and your home clean is an entirely different struggle. That’s why today we gathered some much-needed advice on how to do dog laundry and keep your furry friend’s clothes hair-free.

From cleaning those potty accidents to making your pup's streetstyle-approved clothing smell fantastic, keep scrolling to know more.


How to wash your dog's clothes


Let's be honest. We all love spoiling our dogs, and that includes buying them cute little outfits to flaunt around. Oh, why not? A Pupreme Treats Windbreaker for when it's cold outside, MCM Monogram Logo Backpacks for that Instagram-ready snap. However, just like bedding, harnesses, and colours, dog laundry is equally important. In reality, dog laundry is actually pretty easy when you know how to do it properly.


Opting for high-quality dog clothing will save you much time and, yes, money. Due to the fabrics, most premium clothing can be placed in the washing machine, however, handwashing in lukewarm water is always a better idea.


Remove the stains from pet clothing

Pet laundry comes with a set of laundry rules. Arguably, stains are the most common issue. Sure, we love watching our adorable pup roll around everywhere! Especially if we already have a great way to treat stains before washing. When you are in desperate need to get rid of those pesky dog clothing stains, a top-rated stain removing tool for human and pet clothing is the answer. Use a soft bristle brush to work into the stain, and its stain-lifting formula does all the work.


Don't forget to remove the fur

Pet fur remover

When it's time for washing, turn the dog clothing inside out and start removing as much fur as you can from the lining. Throwing them in the washing machine, or in a bowl of water before taking the time to get rid of the fur will only make the whole situation worse. This way, you will also be able to avoid washing machine clogging.


Use natural detergents

When it comes to detergents, opt for a hypoallergenic one. These types of detergents are recommended for everyone with sensitive skin as well as baby skin. Perfumes and dyes may sometimes cause irritations to pets, so make sure to check the ingredients.


Wash synthetic and natural fabrics separately

Try to keep synthetic and natural fabrics separated. Synthetic fabrics supercharge static in your laundry while natural clothing fabrics attract fur. If you wash those together, you will end up with the worst results of both. By avoiding this mix, you will be able to reduce static that often keeps the remaining dog hair that you haven't managed to dispose of stuck on the clothes.


Now that you have a fool proof guide to washing dog clothing, you can grab your favorite fashionable dog clothing with ease. Spoiler alert: they are very easy to clean as well. As always, we are looking for pet ambassadors, so make sure to sign up and rip the benefits we offer.

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