The Celebrities Outfit Styling Guide - Dog Version

When it comes to our pets, we want only what is best for them. Finding cute and comfortable outfits for them can sometimes be challenging. However, Paws Circle offers trendy pet fashion that will make both you and your dog happy.

Get styling inspiration for your dog from the incredibly stylish celebrities

We love finding inspiration in celebrity outfits when choosing our own. So, why don't we do the same when it comes to the clothes of our pets? Here is how you can dress up your dog as your favourite celebrity and have the most adorable photos ever, while your dog enjoys the comfy clothes. 


Gigi Hadid in Fendi Sweater

Gigi is the queen of streetwear looks. Here she is wearing a Fendi sweater patterned with logos paired with sleek black jeans and a turtleneck. We just know this style would look adorable on a dog, especially since the fall is here. Pendi Monogram Knit Sweater is just what you need to copy this look. Gigi's bag belt ties in with her sweater, and when it comes to the doggie outfit, Pendi Bronze Leash and Collar would complete the look.


Canada Goose/Pup Jacket 


Keep your fur friends cozy and warm throughout the whole fall and winter. Canada Pop Military Style Mountain Parka will make your dog look incredibly stylish. The jacket outfit comes in three colours. Therefore, there is something to choose for every dog. Your dog can now match with celebrities such as JLo, Emma Stone, and many more.


Fashionable Retro Track Jacket

Celebrities don't compromise between comfort and style. Moreover, when they incorporate tracksuits into their outfits, they look both stylish and are ready to tackle anything. Tracksuits with bold colours often look the best. Not only do they help to stand out from the crowd, but they also look the most polished. Thanks to the Adidog Retro Track Jacket your dog can rock this statement piece like many celebrities. The jacket comes in five different bold colours. To complete the look of your pet, you can add some accessories, such as Paw-Ban Vintage Sunglasses that will make your doggie look cool like a celebrity or Dogyard Monogram Backpack for a more relaxed look.


Hawaiian Shirt

Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean that we are ready to give up the spirit of it just yet. Hawaiian shirts are popular with many celebrities. This print is easy to style and looks fun. Your pets can look like they are living their best lives on the sunny beaches sipping pina colada with Summer Hawaiian Floral Shirt. Pair it with Chewnel Coco Sunglasses for the ultimate summer look.


Making memories with your pets is important as they grow up fast. Fun photos of your pets will be unforgettable as the years go by, and these outfits will ensure a good photo session with your pet. You could also wear the same outfits and match with your fur friend.



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