Protect Your Dog In Winter & Cold Weather With These Tips

As much as we’d love nothing more than to cuddle next to the fireplace with a cozy blanket to battle the cold days, there is one thing to add to your list: all the ways to protect your dog in winter.  Don’t fret! Out top 5 Winter care tips for your dogs will make your cold-weather adventures a whole lot easier. Granted, even if your furry friend has a thick, heavy coat, they might still feel cold. Let’s not forget the necessary dog walks in the rain.


Here are a few easy ways to take care of dogs in winter:


How to take care of dogs in winter


Protect your dog in winter by limiting your time outdoors

To quote K.C. Theisen, director of pet care issues at the Humane Society of the United States, "Their ears are exposed, their paws are in direct contact with cold cement, their nose is sticking out there in the wind," but luckily, this is easily preventable, "Never leave dogs outside unattended for any length of time. Only take them outside if they're going to be active and exercise."  So, how can you take care of dogs in winter? Limit your time outdoors and avoid early morning or late evening walks. It would be best to go outside when the sun shines.


Keep your dog warm with clothing

One of the most important winter care tips for your dogs is, you guessed it, cold-weather dressing. It’s been proven that dressing your dog in winter has many benefits (other than looking like a petfluencer, of course). Especially pups with thin or short coats need to wear an extra layer of warmth; this can be a cozy sweater or thick, waterproof coat. Consider opting for clothing that reaches from the neck to the base of the tail while also protecting the belly.


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Avoid exposure to toxins

When temperatures drop and snow starts to fall, antifreeze is always there. Antifreeze tastes surprisingly sweet and dogs love to lick or drink it. Protect your dog in winter and don’t let him/her unsupervised in driveways, garages, etc. Antifreeze is very toxic and can absolutely be fatal. Wipe down their paws as soon as you get home.


How to keep a dog warm at night inside


Take care of dogs in winter with cozy bedding

Warm clothes might be one of the best winter care tips for your dog, but with the right kind of bedding, warmth is guaranteed during the night. Create a snug environment by adding snuggly blankets, and trade his/her regular bed with a winter-appropriate heated pet bed to battle the stiffness that comes with aging joints.


Protect your dog in winter with supplements

A balanced diet is crucial, especially during winter. Consider adding fish oil supplements to your pup’s diet to ensure that he/she is getting all the needed fatty acids to keep their skin and fur healthy all winter long.


Consult with your vet to determine how many calories your pet should be consuming in winter.


Now that you have a fool proof checklist of the best winter care tips for your dog, head over to our website to snag some weather-appropriate and fashionable dog clothing to add to your pet’s wardrobe arsenal. We shared a guide with Cleaning Tips For Pet Clothing just in case you need some assistance too.

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