7 Tips to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos of Your Dog

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Every furry-friend owner has tried to master the art of dog photography, however, the best dog photography ideas are only half of what you need to take Instagram-worthy photos and videos of your dog. With just a quick scroll on social media, we are flooded with overly cute pet influencers who seem to possess a natural talent for passing. Of course, nailing that perfect snap, even for the pros, is easier said than done. Don't fret! Luckily there are some foolproof dog photography tips and tricks that will make your next photo-sesh look worthy of a slew of double taps.


How to turn your dog into a social media darling with simply photography tips


Create the perfect environment for outdoor dog photography sessions

Unlike humans, your fluffy pal seems to always get distracted by outside elements. Choosing a relaxed environment will not only make the whole photo session a breeze but also encourage your pet to stay focused and listen to your instructions. Noisy streets and parks often create nervousness for both you and your aspiring little model. Plus, secluded areas allow for better backgrounds. There is nothing worse than stopping once every 20 seconds to wait for people to pass by you.

Don't forget to turn off the flash. Most dogs hate bright flashes.


Use great lighting



You'll want to start with the best natural lighting possible. For outdoor pet photography, the perfect time would be around the golden hour (shortly after sunrise or just before sunset) or early in the morning. Most of the time, if the sun is too bright, it automatically creates harsh shadows or hashes out the colour of your photos. Not even the most skilled photoshop pros can fix a grainy or over-exposed snap.

Using sunlight instead of artificial lighting makes your dog model less anxious which will most likely make him or her forget that they are even in the photoshoot, to begin with.


Choose the right background

Sure, dog photography revolves around, well, your dog. However, the background is more often than not as important as your cute model. You have to take a moment and consider your dog's fur colour. The last thing you want is for your lovely pup to appear washed out in front of a same-coloured wall. Even in outdoor photoshoots, busy multi-coloured backgrounds can take away the main focus from your model, and make the photo appear more "busy"

No matter if you are using a phone, or a DSLR camera, the blur effect minimizes all distractive elements from the background.


How to keep your dog focused during your Instagram photography session

For dogs and humans alike, taking photos can be extremely annoying. If your pet seems unable to focus on the "job” it would be best to draw his attention away from the camera by using an object in the foreground.

 It's also important to get your pup to look directly at the camera since these are arguably the cutest close-up shots. Try giving him a treat each time he manages to stay focused and get the perfect shot. And, just in case your puppy isn't motivated by treats, his favourite toy is a great alternative.

Photos, taken from your dog’s level, offer the "close up and personal" feel everybody loves. Every follower will smash the like button real quick!


Bring in the props



Having story-focused photoshoots is one of the cutest ways to upgrade your Instagram feed. Consider using a blanket, a hat, a few different dog outfits, and a variety of different props to make the shoot more engaging. Props are also a great way to add some pops of colour even to the simplest of backgrounds.


Dog photography editing

Good photography from start to finish includes some much-needed editing. Luckily, there are plenty of editing apps for you to choose from. A few fantastic ideas would be Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO and even Photoflare.


Use dog clothing

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Yes, turning your pet into a streetstyle star will definitely guarantee some additional likes.  Here, at Paws Circle, we have featured a variety of different petfluencers wearing enviable fashion styles. From Pupreme Box Logo Hoodie, and  Canada Pup Military Parka to Paw-Ban Vintage Glasses, dressing your pet in streetwear is arguably a game-changer for your Instagram feed.


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