Tips & Essentials For Dog Walks In The Rain

Tips & Essentials for dog walks in the rain

If you are one of those lucky few who live in a constantly sunny area, we envy you. For the rest of us, dog owners, as soon as the leaves start to turn beautiful orange, we know it's time to start looking for the best tips and essentials for dog walks in the rain. Arguably walks are a huge part of our pups' lives. Ideally, we need to take them on a walk every day in order to maintain their good health - and prevent their frustration.

However, as soon as torrential rain kicks in, most of us find ourselves depleting whether or not we should skip that one time in order to avoid the huge task of cleaning them afterward. Yes, sometimes, the best cleaning tips for pet clothing can only do so much when you have to face days of constant heavy rain.

Although most dog owners think that their pups are destined to get sick from being walked in the rain, the reality is that healthy dogs rarely get ill due to wet weather. Granted, dogs with thick fur are even more ready for those rainy conditions, but as long as you make sure that your dog is dried with a towel as soon as you get back, it shouldn't impact their health.


Get prepared for your next dog walks in the rain

Opt for a regular, fuzzy towel or a dog-specific drying coat and quickly wrap it around your dog to keep him warm and dry. Especially for long-hair pups who get completely drenched in water, you should also turn the heating on.

Here is one of the cleverest essentials for dog walks in the rain. When you are in the process of drying your dog's fur, place a heating pad underneath their bed in order to add extra heat. 


Invest in a great quality dog coat/jacket

Like we previously mentioned, there are many benefits of dressing your dog. This is particularly true when it comes down to autumn and winter temperatures. Make sure that your dog is feeling extra cozy and snazzy. This way, he or she will not only be utterly fashionable but also heavily protected against the cold and rain. Waterproof and windproof jackets for dogs are the best option for short and long walks.

Pawcler Puffer Down Jacket

Pawcler Puffer Down Jacket

Chewing Dogior Book Windbreaker

Chewing Dogior Book Windbreaker

Many dog jackets have velcro straps to prevent them from sliding off. This pattern also doubles as a fantastic way to keep the rain away from their neck, back, and legs.

Moreover, for extra-windy days, you can add an additional layer of warmth under the coat in the form of a sweater.

Louis Pup Cloud Sweater

Louis Pup Cloud Sweater


Dog umbrellas for long walks in the rain

Additionally, you can always purchase a dog umbrella. These cute-looking rain essentials are proven very effective when it comes to long walks in cold weather. Most dog umbrellas can be attached to the dog leash and are transparent in color so you can have a clear view of your furry friend.



Opt for reflective clothing or accessories

Moving on to yet another safety tip for walking pets in the rain: reflective accessories. Due to the heavy rain and harsh weather conditions, your pup will become less visible. Especially if you are in a place with traffic, make sure that you have attached something reflective on your dog for extra protection. This might be a reflective coat, a collar, or a leash.

Chewnel Reflective Harness & Leash Set

Chewnel Reflective Harness & Leash Set


General tips to keep your dog safe during your walks in the rain

Last but certainly not least, it would be best to shorten the duration of the walk depending on the weather conditions. If possible, take quiet routes to make sure that no harm will be caused to your pup by strangers who keep running up and down the street in the rain.

Now that you have all the much-needed tips and essentials for dog walks in the rain, head over to Paws Circle to pick the cutest jacket and an even more cozy sweater to make sure that your furry friend will actually have fun during your walk. Don’t forget that our pet ambassador program is still open for every adorable petfluencer out there.

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