Tips To Become A Pet Influencer or Petfluencer

Tips to become Pet Influencer

Recently, we've been afflicted by an extreme longing to spot the cutest pet influencers that effortlessly manage to add a few sprinkles of joy to our social media feeds. It doesn't take more than a few scrolls to discover some fantastic examples of pet influencer marketing  - and even more fluffy little paws. If you too are as invested as we are, chances are that you are on a mission to gather the best tips to become a pet influencer. You are not alone.

What is a Pet Influencer

Pet influencers or "petfluencers'' is a word that best describes all those utterly adorable pet accounts that share the daily adventures of, you guessed it, an equally adorable pet. The best pet influencers of 2021 are courting likes, building massive followings, earn freebies and even fully-paid brand deals - some are even verified influencers.

How to become a Pet Influencer on Instagram

Whether you are looking to join a pet influencer network, or get in touch with pet influencer brands to dress your furry friend in the latest dog-fash, now it's the best time to branch out and become a pet influencer.

Social media celebrities rely on stellar content, and your pal deserves the same treatment. Sure, this is a given, however, having  crisp and clear, and aesthetically pleasing pet photos is arguably the most important step to become a dog influencer. You don't need professional equipment, just your phone, and great lighting.


Duckytheyorkie and jiffpom

@Duckytheyorkie / @jiffpom

Reliability is the key to every successful online presence, the furry ones are no exception. Don't sit back and wait till the first brand deals come to share your pet's story with the world. The best pet influencer marketing practices begin with fantastic storytelling. That includes providing quality content (like Ducky the Yorkie, the lovable, pop-culture-obsessed dog who loves dressing up as Hollywood’s finest), and being consistent (like the jiffpom, the most famous pomeranian on Instagram who currently sits at 10M followers).

Upgrade your hashtag game

Sure, the steps to become a pet influencer is not as easy as it once was, however, if you plan your social media strategy beforehand, it will give you a massive boost. Pretty much every social media platform is oversaturated - the same applies to hashtags. Nowadays, if you put your trust in a super trending hashtag, chances are you will get lost in the mix. Don't fret! If you also use a few, well-selected hashtags that aren’t trending as heavily with thousands of posts shared per minute, your newly-founded pet account has a bigger chance of making it to the top of the list- which means getting noticed.  For example, #petlovers sits at 10M+ posts, whereas #dogoftheworld only has around 100k.

Get noticed by brands as a pet influencer

We've already established the power of hashtags, now it's time for the reshares. Even as a micro pet account, you can still give yourself an extra popularity boost in order to get noticed by brands. The easiest way is to tag some pawsome products you and your fluffy friend are already using in the chance of getting a repost from a well-known company.

Pet influencer brands and sponsorships

Paws Circle Instagram

@paws_circle Streetwear for Pet

Sometimes, you need an extra boost to create killer social media content, that's where collaborations come in. Brands might reach out to you, or you to them, to offer free products or paid partnerships in exchange for promoting their content and could give you an affiliate link to their website directly.

Pet brands looking for influencers

Here, at Paws Circle, we actively seek passionate petfluencers to dress and impress. If you join the pet ambassador program by filling out the sign-up form, you will receive up to 20% commission on all future orders made via your unique coupon code and referral link. The best part? We offer free merch to ambassadors who are able to create great quality content constantly.

Daltopom and Tobirama.thepom

@daltopom / @tobirama.thepom

From taking enviable photos of your fluffy friend to finding your niche and staying consistent, sticking to the best pet influencer marketing strategies will certainly help you attract the right audience and become a pet influencer. With great content comes sustainable growth that may grant you additional revenue opportunities — which you can use to order delicious treats for your pet.

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