Ideas For Hosting A Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner This Season

We’re officially stepping into Thanksgiving season, which means it’s the quintessential time to start brainstorming on the best pet-friendly thanksgiving dinner ideas that will make your, your pets, and your family lives a whole lot easier. Because being forced to pick a favourite turkey stuffing is already a daunting task on its own, we are here to take one decision off your checklist and help you host a pet-friendly Thanksgiving dinner that will dazzle everyone.


From pet-friendly Thanksgiving food and the best dinner ideas to creating the ultimate safe space for your furry friend, ahead are our best tips to make hosting thanksgiving Dinner With Pets a breeze.


Pet-friendly thanksgiving dinner ideas


Opt for pet-friendly Thanksgiving food instead of regular “human” food

Did you know that According to a Cornell University Veterinary Specialists poll, 56 percent of pet parents admitted to sharing Thanksgiving table scraps with their pets? So, what’s the big issue? You might think that sharing your thanksgiving food with pets is harmless, however, he/she isn’t used to this type of food and it’s definitely not a regular part of their diet. Fatty foods like ham, turkey meat, and skin can cause an array of issues like diarrhea.


In some severe cases, human food can actually poison dogs as well. Luckily there are many Homemade Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs Recipe options to choose from to offer them a tail-wigging experience.


Ask your guests to not feed the pup

This might sound like a given, but oftentimes guests are particularly happy to treat your dog to a little something and make him/her happy. Bear in mind that any leftovers including green bean casserole and pumpkin pie aren’t good for pets.

It would also be best to teach your dog not to beg for food in time for Thanksgiving dinner with pets. The video above shows a few quick and easy ways to keep your dinner free of whines and barks.


Introduce pets and guests

Even if your dog is usually friendly towards everyone, you shouldn’t miss the chance to introduce them to every new (or returning) guest just to be sure that everyone around you is comfortable.


Remember, not all people are pet-lovers

When you are hosting a pet-friendly Thanksgiving dinner, you should accept that not everyone will feel comfortable or welcome your pet’s presence. That’s even more true if food is involved. In some cases, you might need to keep your puppy in a safe, quiet room away from the heart of the party. It might seem unbelievable to you, but some peeps just don’t like pets. Oh, and let’s not forget that some are actually allergic to pets.


Be very mindful of the door

Hosting a pet-friendly Thanksgiving dinner means that the door should be on your radar all the time. If you already know that your dog has a tendency to bolt, maybe the all-time-classic baby gate is the perfect option to keep me away from the door. This will not only prevent you from spending hours looking for your door in case of him making an escape, but also eliminate front-door greetings every time a new person arrives.


Dress them up for the occasion

You’ve already picked an enviable ensemble for yourself; your pet is worth the same royal treatment, right? Like we mentioned previously, it is perfectly ok to dress your dog and take Instagram-worthy photos of your pet.

Chewing Dogior Monogram Knit Sweater

Chewing Dogior Monogram Knit Sweater

Double G Teddy Bear Sweater

Double G Teddy Bear Sweater


Opting for utterly adorable dog’s clothing that fit the tone of your dinner, like the Chewing Dogior Monogram Knit Sweater or the Double G Teddy Bear Sweater, will make everyone fall in love with your pet all over again.

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