Extremely Cute Halloween Costumes For Dogs To Try In 2021

Halloween Dog Costume

Let's be honest for a second. The moment the first autumnal leaf hits the ground and the temperature starts to decrease, we already know that now is the quintessential time to start thinking about this year's Halloween celebrations. For fellow spooky-season enthusiasts, as soon as the landscape turns into a red and orange galore, an array of different Halloween costumes for dogs are living rent-free in our heads. Soon enough, our social media feeds will be flooded with the best petfluencers and their utterly adorable tiny little costumes. 

Whether you are simply scouting the internet to discover the best Halloween customer ideas for dogs just for the fun of it, or you are serious about taking Instagram-worthy pictures of your dog and receiving those double-taps, we've got you covered.

We gathered a list of the most boo-filul Halloween-themed clothing for pups as well as a few swoon-worthy costume options for street-style-approved pets that are ready to get photographed during the spooky season. Fair warning, the witchy-approved petfluencers below might get you hooked!


@2husketeers as Hogwarts Students


Is there a better way to dive deep into the art of dressing up for Halloween than cosplaying characters from one of your favourite movies? Granted, setting up an array of props might be a bit hard, however, the end results are definitely worth the struggle.


@berkleethegoldendoodle as Doctor


We might be a bit biased, but Berklee is one of the cutest dog-doctors we've seen in a while. Look how pawsitively bootiful this Halloween costume is.


Pooh Bear @hermininthehood


You could have thought that how cute a  Maltese Yorkshire Terrier would look as a honey-loving bear. This relatively easy Halloween costume for small dogs will definitely belongs in a costume contest.


Grease the Movie by @thegoldensrule


Dressing as street style-ready Grease characters for Howl-o-ween? Yes please! These costumes are a vivid reminder of how easy it is to put together the perfect Halloween costume for large dogs with just a few simple pieces of clothing. But, more on that later.


Now that you have all the much-needed inspiration you need to put together the perfect Halloween ensemble for your pup, here is a list of some easy, yet show-stopping ways to DIY a memorable costume - that can actually be worn throughout the year.


Easy DIY 2021 dog costumes for Halloween


A member of a moto-gang

Just like @thegoldensrule, you can turn your dog into a proud member of a motorcycle gang in no time. Opt for a leather jacket, which doubles as the perfect accessory for winter, and prepare to show some personality. Don’t forget to add a pair of dog glasses to complete the “oh-so-hard” look.

Paws Circle Aviation Dog Leather Jacket

Aviation Leather Jacket

Paw-Ban Vintage Sunglasses

Paw-Ban Vintage Sunglasses


Tropical vacation

Deep-down, everyone wants to lay by the pool with a fruity cocktail in hand. And Halloween is the perfect time to do so! Imagine how cute your furry friend would look in a tropical dog shirt. The best part? You can play with many different accessories, from mini straw hats and glasses to Champagne plush bottles to perfect the look.

Paws Circle Hawaii Summer Shirt

Summer Hawaiian Floral Shirt

Sniffany Champagne Squeaky Plush Toy 

Sniffany Champagne Squeaky Plush Toy


A pro athlete

Adidog Jacket

Turn your dog into the ultimate pro athlete - at least on the outside - with the cutest track jacket. Pretty much everyone loves a good retro track jacket, and your pup certainly won’t be the exception. You can always add a beanie or a hat to complete the Halloween look.

Adidog Retro Track Jacket

Adidog Retro Track Jacket 


If you want to discover even more streetstyle-approved dog clothing just in time for Halloween, head over to Paws Circle. Maybe, now is the best time to consider signing up for our pet ambassador program as well. 

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