Best Gifts for Your Pet Influencer Friend & Every Dog Owner

Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

We all have that friend whose home is overflowing with pet toys, snuggle-worthy blankets, and a slew of different treats. And, honestly, who can blame them? Their furry friends are worth it! Whether you are on the hunt for the best gifts for dog lovers to enhance their pet influencer accounts, or you are a paw-fluencer yourself, we rounded up a list of the top dog gifts – yes, self-gifting is also allowed.

Chewable toys and treats are just the tips of the iceberg. The list of the cutest gifts for pet owners is pretty much endless, however, some shine brighter than others – or, let’s face it, they bring in many more double-taps on the gram. How about street style outfits for pups? Maybe an ultra-stylish sofa to keep forcing those Instagram followers to come back for more? Or, even a pampering dog kit? Yes, all the aforementioned gifts guarantee more than a few tail wags and even more insta-worthy snaps. Plus, your dog-lover friend will love you. It’s a win-win situation.


Top gifts for dog lovers and petfluencers


Squeaky plush toys for dogs

Designer Dog Bags

If the lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that being alone really sucks. These stuffed designer squeaky plush toys for dogs will be their buddy’s second-best friend. Plus, it’s a great way to cope with the stress of being alone or keep them calm and relaxed while your friends are asleep. You can’t possibly convenience us that these Cartiaf bone and Chewnel handbag squeaky plush toys won’t get its fair share of admiration online.

Best grooming tools

Aquapaw grooming

Most likely your friend loves treating their dog to a paw-dicure and regular baths. What’s better than an Aquapaw pet bathing tool? It allows dog owners to connect their shower head or garden hose and make sure they can use both hands during bath time.

Microfiber super shammy 

While typically an old towler would work just fine, your friend’s dog deserves the best of the best. The Soggy Doggy Microfiber Super Shammy was made just for pups. Thanks to the microfiber chenille, it helps dry off their furry friend in minutes (plus it's odor-resistant).

pet hair dryer 

Have you ever tried to use a hair dryer on a dog? Your friend probably already knows the struggle. Pet-specific dryers are able to speed the entire drying process thanks to the two different nozzles for a concentrated stream of air. Trust us, your dog-owner friend will love it.


Dog walking sets

Designer and Streetwear Walking Set

The dog-lover in your life won’t be able to resist these walking sets. From leashes and collars to harnesses their pups deserve a royal treatment. You can also customize the set to fit your friend’s needs. These will be perfect for walks in the park or on the beach and everywhere in between.


Dog fashion bags

Designer Dog Bags

Ok, if their fluffy friend is a social media star, we need to start treating him/her like one. And, what do all influencers have in common? Fantastic street style-approved fashion sense. These bum bags for dogs are absolutely stylish, not to mention incredibly cute to look at. From Chewing Dogior to MCM and Louis Pup, you will certainly find the one that suits their preferences the most.


Dog clothing

Designer and Streetwear Dog Clothing

Shop more dog fashion options

Now listen, our biggest fear in life is spotting an adorable dog dressed better than we are, however, you will definitely be more than willing to let it go as soon as you see your dog-loving friend’s pup dressed in a trendy Adidog windbreaker, and Aviation leather jacket or a Double G monogram knit cardigan.


Dog Sofa

Tucker Murphy Dog Sofa

Your friend’s pet will look effortlessly cool chilling on this chic Heisler dog sofa. It won’t only make for the perfect prop for their next Instagram photoshoot, it is also super comfy and the cushion cover is removable and washable.


Dog camera

Furbo Dog Camera

Your dog-owner friend will be able to keep their dog company even when they’re away thanks to the Furbo dog camera. It’s compatible with Alexa and allows the user to see and talk to their furry friends as well as receive notifications when they bark. Yes, it can even throw a treat or two.

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